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  • Mark B. , Champions Karate Academy Testimonials

    Sensei Cristian is the best! His school is top notch! Definitely a recommend in my book!

    Mark B.
  • Kelly D. , Champions Karate Academy Testimonials

    My daughter (she's 6 years old) refused to go to dance class, she said she felt like she didn't fit in. So I figured karate would be a great way for her to improve her coordination, focus and hopefully her confidence as well. It's been great. She actually looks forward to karate and thinks it's fun. Score a win for Sensei Christian. He keeps the class moving at a lively pace, interspersing technique with life lessons, games and fitness. He also makes sure that he has positive interactions with every student during classes; he is a natural teacher who really understands how to motivate his students. I highly recommend Champions Karate Academy.

    Kelly D.
  • Beth B. , Champions Karate Academy Testimonials

    Sensei is amazing and very patient with the kids. Has really boosted my daughters confidence and improved her behavior. Great outlet for her energy.

    Beth B.
  • Deborah C. , Champions Karate Academy Testimonials

    I was a student of sensei Christian's for five years and during my five years, I achieved my black belt. Throughout those five years, I became disciplined and my confidence soared. Through great training and the guidance, I received from sensei Christian I achieved the goal I desired. I would recommend this school to anyone who is looking to better themselves not only physically but spiritually as well.

    Deborah C.
  • Wesley P. , Champions Karate Academy Testimonials

    Best decision I've made for my daughter hands down. We love watching her grow as a student. Awesome staff and facility. Each class is fun and the training is great!

    Wesley P.
  • Brian H. , Champions Karate Academy Testimonials

    We had our first class tonight for our two teenage daughters. They both left Champions with a great feeling about the journey they are about to partake. They both feel as do we in just one session that Sensei Cristian Lopez is one of the reasons they'll succeed. During the session when they were asked what they thought so far, our twelve year old responded her answer as well as these words to Sensei Lopez, "you're awesome". We are looking forward to a great journey together.

    Brian H.
  • Armando Z. , Champions Karate Academy Testimonials

    I have been in champions karate for about a year now and the time that I have been here it has been really fun and I feel welcomed and Sensei Christian is an amazing teacher and has taught me not only self-defense but to be humble and a respectful person.

    Armando Z.
  • Macie R. , Champions Karate Academy Testimonials

    Excellent school, comes highly recommended! Sensei Christian is highly motivated and supportive. He teaches strong discipline and control. My son Benjamin loves the classes and all the new friends he made. The school gives a purpose and direction, it boosts self-esteem. You children will appreciate all they learn and find it very useful in life Healthy, strong minds in healthy bodies! Martial art is great for kids.

    Macie R.
  • Nicolas M. , Champions Karate Academy Testimonials

    Sensei is a very kind person and has helped me develop more self-discipline than I had previously had as well as providing me with self-defense skills that could help me in future circumstances.

    Nicolas M.
  • Sandra P. , Champions Karate Academy Testimonials

    At this time I would like to take this opportunity to recommend Champions Karate Academy and on behalf of my husband and myself, a special thank you to Cristian Lopez. Cristian who is doing an excellent job teaching our daughter Sofia. Since she's been in the academy she has done such an improvement on her self-confidence an ability to talk and get along with others.

    Sandra P.
  • Ali B. , Champions Karate Academy Testimonials

    Great place! I started bringing my son here for the first time a few weeks ago and he loves it. I would definitely recommend Champions Karate Academy to anybody looking for a nice school! His birthday party was a great success as well! Sensei is amazing! 5 stars all the way.

    Ali B.
  • Cindy W., Champions Karate Academy Testimonials

    My son has truly gained confidence in just 4 weeks... Sensei Cristian is very encouraging and patient. He has made classes fun to attend!

    Cindy W.
  • Cindy W. , Champions Karate Academy Testimonials

    Our son is truly enjoying his class at Champions! Sensei Christian keeps classes interesting and fun, with different lessons and activities each week. He addresses social skills and character building into his lessons. We are so happy to be a part of Champions Karate!

    Cindy W.
  • Margarita R. , Champions Karate Academy Testimonials

    My son loves going to class and has helped him so much in focusing and following rules. Really glad to be there.

    Margarita R.
  • Lissette M. , Champions Karate Academy Testimonials

    My daughter has been coming here for a month now and absolutely loves it! She even comes home afterward and doesn’t want to stop practicing. Sensei Christian is kind and patient and you can just tell that he truly loves what he does and cares about the children. He also makes sure they have fun and do exercise and it’s not just all about training. When I sit there and watch my daughter and see how happy she is, I know we made the best decision ever! We love it here 😀!

    Lissette M.
  • Raquel P., Champions Karate Academy Testimonials

    Awesome place. My son loves going to karate. He has learned a lot.

    Raquel P.
  • Troy B. , Champions Karate Academy Testimonials

    My son is doing a lot better since starting I'm so proud of him, he's putting 100%in and getting the same back. Love it!

    Troy B.
  • Magdalena B. , Champions Karate Academy Testimonials

    My kids attend this school since January 2016, they absolutely love Sensei Christian. He has an amazing approach to children, apart from martial arts he teaches them respect to others and good behavior. He knows when to be serious and when to laugh. I truly recommend this school, lessons are really fun and educational.

    Magdalena B.
  • Beatriz C. , Champions Karate Academy Testimonials

    I signed up my daughter only a few days ago. My daughter really connected with Sensei Cristian. He really knows how to connect with students. He is really patient, and humble with all students. I really trust and recommend Sensei Cristian if you are looking for building self-confidence and self-esteem.

    Beatriz C.
  • Joyce E. , Champions Karate Academy Testimonials

    Great place to take the kids.

    Joyce E.


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